The Memo

"Fuck the cheating motherfucking Russians."


A hacker will stalk the asset they seek to infiltrate, looking for human weakness. They'll test the fence's charge and prod armor for softness, that's true, but they'll keep out a special eye for the dozing guard. There's no sense in squaring your chest to the quant hoard of defensive coders at Herjavec Group or Raytheon if your operator can open a backdoor to the state election voting system by way of a gullible e-mailer.

The Farce of Zero

The farce of zero is the veil in which the GOP will raise taxes on the working class.

Smoke and Mirrors and Middle Class Tax Relief

The President has a breathtaking contempt for your understanding of his tax plans. 

White House strategists calculate that you will neither take the time to understand their framework, nor will a meaningful cohort of Americans move against a morally-crooked tax restructuring.