Closing the Trickle-Down Tap: Capital has an ally in the White House

In December of 2017, the United States borrowed a trillion dollars and gave it to the country's top earners.

Letter to the Future XV - Black Holes & Heroes

"It was a magical time, 
when the universe,
channeled through Hawking, 
paid a visit to Cambridge."

Frank Wilczek, MIT

Dear Future,

It's time we had a talk about heroes.

The Memo

"Fuck the cheating motherfucking Russians."


A hacker will stalk the asset they seek to infiltrate, looking for human weakness. They'll test the fence's charge and prod armor for softness, that's true, but they'll keep out a special eye for the dozing guard. There's no sense in squaring your chest to the quant hoard of defensive coders at Herjavec Group or Raytheon if your operator can open a backdoor to the state election voting system by way of a gullible e-mailer.