Everything is Here

she places two wet lips on my ear
how can she be that close, to me
blows a whisper into me; i am inoculated and
it blossoms
builds and unfolds in the manner of exponents
the clouds of new stars
she is leaving with her mouth
new words in me,
covering the domed ceiling of my cave
with something ancient and pictoral,
she makes clear what she does not care for
only in what does not grow from
what she leaves in me.
everything else is here.

Escaping Bogota

It's not a positive indicator when an airport worker at the mouth of the check-in line hears your destination, lets you pass, and then yells to their colleague and points at you.

You are The One they've been waiting for.

The woman at the counter looks very worried. She retrieves my reservation and leaves several times, disappearing quickly in one direction only to reappear some minutes later speed stepping the other way. Eventually she turns over my passport to read, looks at me and says "but this is a diplomatic passport."  She leaves again, extra worried.

The Deepfake Decades

An executive I know told a room of junior officers:

all communication is manipulation

It was a mentoring session and its retelling made my hair stand up. It sounded like a thing Patrick Bateman would say to someone just before disappearing them into the walls of a 5th Avenue penthouse.
American Psycho

I thought of it when I saw Bill Hader transmorph yesterday. For a second, on an old Letterman reel, he laughed like Tom Cruise. But not like Tom Cruise. He was Tom Cruise. For a sorcerous blink, Tom Cruise bubbled up like a gollum made staccato in Hader's giggling. More than Hader's usual Merlinic voice throws, this was straight black magic.