Without the Speaking Moon

                          when truth made the nation to see despite the dark
night was freed of its rapist.
she'd wailed about the heros crushed and shipped out,
                                                                     unloaded in the in-between
                                                                 always splitting sight from sight
                                                                 the moon gouged of its tongue

                                                 there would be no tales of loss
                                                 ringing at 0300
               steely birds snated prey, from the sandy cage
               its masters made
               and bore them westbound
               under night's cover
               under her covers, under her dress
                              they operated in her dignity,
                              the abused void in the wake of
                              her innocence,
                         when truth made the nation to see despite the dark,
                                                                       night was long bloodied,
                                                                       her weeping
                                                                       a background, inaudible
oh the heros, she'd wail, oh the heros I've seen
           smothered in my lightlessness,
           smuggled in the name of their master's righteousness
                                   nation see in my darkness
but where the eye turns from
winced shut,
so the ear, to that where, will close itself for comfort
                                                                        and the steely birds continue
                                                              their hunt, pulling son from brother
      finding refuge in the rape of night
                         while truth tries to make the nation see despite the dark
                                  and the night waits alone,
                                  without the speaking moon.

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  1. Erik-
    today i stumbled upon your blogpage. your writings are great, i especially like this one. thank you for writing. Hope you are well. :)