Eerie is the Field

my brother lies down
makes his bed in the grass,
his eyes start to shiver,
chilled by revelation
he tells me a of a shift,

"i stitched you a vision"
he says,
"i twisted space around my finger
i readied the needle
and wet the fray with my tongue,
i wished you something warm
for the cold wall of your home."

his new knowledge sweats
and his lips trouble the waters

"but i stole a substance that wasn't mine
i was trespassing for the thread
and from the quiltmaker's shop
i carry a secret i shouldn't"

i lied down too
made my bed in the same grass
but i'm not sure my brother's talking to me
not sure he even knows i'm here

"sometimes i become so worried for human beings."

eerie is the field
where titans come to lie down and confide.

1 comment:

  1. I imagine this as a field of poppies...

    Beautiful, dude.