sit me down and tell me
why and when do you stir

pluck your strings or speak with your brush
what is it in your hand when your grip on life is firm

describe the tree that sheltered you
the drug it was that afternoon

tell me why you pulled over and danced
what brings you up from the ground, who can't come back too soon

i will revel in your revealing
your soul sings and there is reason to smile

pull me, climbing to your mountaintop
what music rescues your spirit in exile

teach me of your prophet
and show me what would win you peace

convince me you're here to create
lean into me and breathe

to see fortunes rain in forms that matter
i want for you what you want for the world

to swim the storied rivers your youth discovered
to walk your ocean's floor and beg the nature of its pearls

i'm telling you we can't be touched
so offer me the truth

what giants' shoulders do you hope to stand on
what muse is the mistress you return to to be seduced

this poem is my currency
all my riches written here together

with it i hope to trade you for life
built and bundled and by you, now, remembered

the bars thick and welded elsewhere
i know the cages well

prisons that keep us from really speaking
installed in mystery, but indeed by ourselves

hold me by the shoulders
see deeply the chance to be had

bring your dreams down from the rafters
exclaim and i'll listen, smiling back

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