Letter to the Future. VI - Your Closest Treasures

Wednesday 4 April 2010 Your Closest Treasures To Future, Stop right here. Close your eyes. What is around you? Why is it around you and how does the why matter? Today, future, I offer no anecdotes about political turbulence or national happenings. Those matters, in these moments, are petty things. This will likely be a short note, and as you read it I'd like to offer you a rare suggestion.

Letter to the Future. V - Salud.

31 March 2010


To Future,

We have reached, or we are approaching, one of those fulcrums in time. Early last week President Obama signed into law the most significant piece of social legislation since the 1960's; health care reform has, in writing, come to America. I'm afraid, however, that that may not be the fulcrum. In my mind, for the supposed summit of the developed world to allow some 15% of its population to live day to day vulnerable to economic ruin at the onset of serious illness or the misfortune of a catastophic event is unconscienable .