For Simon

If I could die with Cloud Cult
still ringing in my ears
I'd bring gently the resounding harvest
out from in my mind
and be holding the world's peace
to greet the space beyond.

Letter to the Future. VIII - Small Pictures Colliding

1 September 2010

Small Pictures Colliding

To Future,
The first cabin to come in on a little lake near Nisswa, Minnesota was built over a hundred years ago and is owned by the family of my good friend, Tom.  Tom and some mixture of his sisters and parents would invite a group of us to venture north each summer to stay at the cabin for a week or so.  It stood about 3 1/2 seconds (sprinting gleefully, that is) from the clearest lake I've ever swam in and we spent days there in the water.  The cabin's creaky three season porch composed the bulk of its space, where we slept and spied the lake at night, accounting for the rare hours we weren't actually in it.