American Standard

For years now, each time I pony-up to a urinal in the States I look to find, inlaid on its porcelain roof, a small gray text:

American Standard, it often reads.

Nom de Guerre - Letter to the Future - XIV

17 November 2015

To Future,

I started writing this letter to you, from Washington, on Saturday morning as broadcasters of every stripe were casting lanterns down the paths we might follow after consecutive days of so much jarring death in Paris and Beirut.

The American Worker - The Pursuit of Recovery

5 March 2017

The Great Recession began in November, 2007. A person can toggle backward through charts and reports and find, sneering up at them, that two year gully now scarring American economic history. It's truly a cliff, one inverted peak in an exclusive class of terrifying American moments, dating back to Lincoln's time.