These Halls are Full

this is a siren's redress
tiring of songs that sing to shipwrecks
she enters this house and holds out her vacant palms, an offering
the halls are filling
and the kitchen is already full

Dear Friend, Bring Me My Skin

"most of the mountain is beneath me now,"
salutations from an earthy edge
"what can I shove in this envelope?

my resolve, my bursting heart
my rambling, resurrected lips?

I am reincarnated.

How I Found You

the door creaked upon opening
enough to startle you surely
but start you did not

only stillness and constance

Play Play

i saw a season walking toward me today
likely summer, possibly spring
the sewers of winter curled up
in her cotton blouse

Out Came His Inside

he watched one drop
from way up

watched it gather itself
and leave the known

i thought it similar to a man
eyes closed and breath steadied