Nothing, Provocative

Perpetuate it. Provoke it. Bright computer lights, heavy high pitched screams, headaches, heartaches, little sleep. Pounding keys with fingers that hurl and stretching a brain to unhealthy lenghts. Cracked windows, a winter almost defeated by spring, entire moons smushed flat onto a puddle, dark grass, lonely breeze. Empty rooms, wurring fans, no music, no dialogue, no spotlight, no audience, I sit on an empty stage and even with me, it's still empty. Doors closing, distant men yelling, more men sleeping, sleep betrays the mind to untidy thoughts and dreams that scare us awake. A window wide open, a desire to road trip, smelly socks worn one more time cause laundry seemed too much. Fake white brick, enclosing me and now you. Lamps unalbe to perform their only function, speakers not allowed to do thers. Empty wallts, at-capacity back packs, cracked scratched cell phones, footsteps on pavement outside. The sound of wet, the smell of silence, sidewalks housing refugee worms. Disposable cups, disposable plates, disposable thoughts, disposable lives. Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. Brown bottles with little white capsules, synapsed cells awaiting white friends from brown bottles, blue cups proud of their potential to organize the reunion. Pictures worth crying over, memories trying to scale the blue cups, throwing ice cubes overboard to make room for friends, don't cry, don't remember. Little sleep, heartaches, headaches, heavy high pitched screams, bright computer lights. Provoke it. Perpetuate it.

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