Allied in Silence

Tonight I think I've realized something important. After writing a long entry to some friends about solitude and expression, about the wild and civilization, I realized that these thoughts too often come when I've had a few hours to think about them by myself. Its not that I need more talking to actual people, but perhaps that I need to spend more time in silence with others. Hours, perhaps many nights on end, where we act as if we were alone until something of substance arose, something of importance-enough that we break from our boxes and engage. I think about what would happen if instead of writing an email to someone to share a good thought at 2 in the morning, I just called instead. They might be pissed but there'd be dialogue. What, then, would it be like if I just went to them and woke them to speak right then. We'd have good tea and good insights. It'd be an allegiance of sorts; we'd be parties to a treaty. I won't waste your time with empty talk; I'll assume the same of you. But then when I wake you in the night you can assume its worth it, and you can rise and join me.


  1. This is the exact idea/thought that has been bugging me about our generation. We don't ever take the time to do this. My phone is always on and my apartment can be home to many conversations/silences.

  2. my phone is not always on ... but if you call and it is, i guarantee i will answer.