Our nature demands that we reduce some of our surroundings to given conditions, inevitabilities (e.g. when we're babies we immediately start grouping things we can take for granted)

Inevitabilities always reduce, "crop", our realities, even if those inevitabilities are only perceived.

Cropped realities are subject to ceilings on vision, imposed by the condition of inevitabilities. Those living the cropped reality are restricted by the perceived inevitability.

Imagination and inevitability work in opposition + Inevitabilities often oppress

The only escape from perceived inevitabilities is imagination.

Imagining a reality which exists outside an oppressive perceived inevitability is the seed of revolution.

Inevitability allows for detrimental adornments on our truths and the adornments reinforce the rightness of the perceived inevitability.

That our truths will always violently war with other truths is a pandemic perceived inevitability.

Warring truths and the perception of inevitable realities/systems brings us to accept widespread misery amdist solutions to alleviate it.

Awareness of the superficial nature of inevitabilities is paramount to changing the current reality.

Envisioning and aspiring to a truth more basic than our adornments will follow.

Revolution is the restoration of realities cropped by false inevitabilities.

Imagination is revolution.


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    Imagination and inevitability work in opposition. Imagination is revolution. THIS - THIS - THIS (!!!) is the stuff of the super consciousness.