Don't Stray So Far

you interpreters of bar tops
and asian plateau trains
all you who come from music and its makers,
the hands who've carried the intentions of
foreign sunsets and plastic starlight
the awkward waking of
you've run, well out ahead of me
don't stray so far,
that i can't find you

and then you in the leaves
how am i to understand your time
in the heart of trees
full seasons observing
a wholely different timbre
of silence
don't stray so far

all the times
i have greeted you and
to kiss your forehead
do not hold it against my lips
for their stillness
a weakness
befell me
and only seldom, now
will your skin
go unwelcomed
don't stray so far

when it is
that stray you must
mold me relics
of that space,
when you approach the fence
bend and dig
the clay beneath your feet,
defy the gods there
as they like to be
and bring me back your revelations
smelling of red minerals and tall grass,
when you stray so far,

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