Out Came His Inside

he watched one drop
from way up

watched it gather itself
and leave the known

i thought it similar to a man
eyes closed and breath steadied

then lifted
up from his seat
by the base of his neck

ragged and peaceful
relaxed in the thieving

he watched one drop
from way up

it never seemed afraid
sure of its route

he held his breath
and i thought it appropriate
so i gave him mine to hold too

the one drop and he
were alone
and together at a distance

a piano was speaking quiet haikus
and a bass line was walking slowly around us
the city was deaf to Suspense dancing
on a highhat

and then I knew this was going to be important

he watched one drop
from way up

it gathered itself and let go
of the cloud
of the sky
of its home
of the known

and then came the electric guitars
a restless heart with a mouth
and a microphone

frozen i listened
to his frozen listening
to all the world above us
who'd close their eyes
smiling and screaming

as one dropped
from way up

six feet under

and all things stopped
and then shattered
hit his skin and broke

a forehead splash
the eyes dropped
crushing cheeks and teeth and tounge
the neck buckled and the shoulders fell
back broke the stomach slumped and the hips dove
he folded in and back and in again
and pushed his feet deep into the concrete

first blood clots and icebergs
disease that'd camped in the folds of his skin
and the skins he kept as back ups
in his skin
then the hunger of a million

the button the marketeers aim for
and the adjacent room religion rents

of course deeper too
relics of devotion
and fossils of adventures sucked dead

primitive came next
riding the hurricane
a womb and a forest and a sun

plain naked
gushing in the street

everything with a voice rising to scream
calling upon rebellion unproven
but lusted on

a tremendous resounding
he'd watched it drop
from way up

and it crushed him
smashed him into freedom

still he wants its certainty
so he meditates
and his pooling self
might be pulled
by the base of its neck
to a sitting drop
still to drip
way up

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