Dear Friend, Bring Me My Skin

"most of the mountain is beneath me now,"
salutations from an earthy edge
"what can I shove in this envelope?

my resolve, my bursting heart
my rambling, resurrected lips?

I am reincarnated.

look at us, you there and me here
we are explorers.
it is decided then.

I am sending you one eye
and a patch of skin.
my envelope will bring you my vision
and my goosebumps,
may it mark our remaking,

most of the mountain is beneath me now
the isolation of this altitude
admits all of us here
the same breaths don't suffice

but i await your communion
bring me my vision
having done with it what you will
wear my skin
and loan me yours

come see it
the edge of the world
most of it beneath us now,
explorers, creators
you and me.

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