While the Trees Run their Roots

these nights are the ones
i feel i'm going to die
not for despair but for a bursting heart
the trees seem happier
or at least
settling into themselves
retreated to a place I can't go
but one I've named in myself
happy for their digging,
for their search
for the dark they're enjoying,
I dance at their feet while they're gone
await their return
await their stories
and my heart swells
I pace circles around their trunks
focusing inward
see the faces
of those I love at a depth of the roots they're running
I smell the blessing of soil upon them
and corral the details of their skin and eyes and hair
to an image of thanksgiving
I jump and the heart swells further,
it storms and I call to the trees
insisting they're missing this great something
up here,
I await them
my friends in the depths of this very planet
and sing of my others
so that a grace is said
as the sun sets
and the day knows
it's welcome again tomorrow

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