Nom de Guerre - Letter to the Future - XIV

17 November 2015

To Future,

I started writing this letter to you, from Washington, on Saturday morning as broadcasters of every stripe were casting lanterns down the paths we might follow after consecutive days of so much jarring death in Paris and Beirut.
French and American aircraft have been pummeling Raqqa, in the north of Syria, and today a French aircraft carrier is cutting toward the gulf.  I have to wonder if the small cadre of pilots rostered to fly off that carrier are talking to a god, and which one.

Last Thursday, Dane asked a few of us what "balance" meant to us, and in his response our friend, the good reverend Charlie, offered this question:
"What is the central identity, state of being, focus, hope, and faith of who we are in our lives and the world?  Out of what central identity do we live, move, and have our being?"
Avenger?  Defender? The uncollared?
What name will we make for ourselves in these wars, Future?

All the best, Future
Erik in the Past

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